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    Caring for your Shoes/Trainers
    Do not leave your Shoes/Trainers near any heat source (i.e radiator) as this may cause the glue to heat up and become soft causing the crystals to become loose.

    To clean your Shoes/Trainers use a baby wipe or a damp cloth and wipe over the crystals gently. Do not ever put your shoes or trainers in the washing machine or tumble dryer.

    Please remember your trainers/shoes have been handmade and each crystal stuck on individually so they need to be treated with the same care they have been created with.

    We recommend that you only wear your shoes/trainers on special occasions they are NOT meant to be worn on a daily basis. If your footwear is worn excessively crystals will become loose over time.

    All Shoes come with a care tag, Cleaning wipe and a few spare crystals.
    If you do need to replace crystals DO NOT 
    use Super Glue as this could damage the shoes/crystals.
    use a strong multi-purpose glue or fabric glue that dries clear.